Noun. The preparation of land for cultivating crops.

 In order to plant a crop that will bear much fruit, the soil must be loosened and prepared for cultivation. This process forms the “ground work” for roots to be planted deeply into the earth, so that as the plant grows tall above the earth’s surface, no amount of heavy rain or gusting winds can break its trunk!


So it is with Tillage Clothing Company. Not only are we tilling the foundation of our brand to make it highly durable and sustainable, we are simultaneously breaking new ground for eradicating human trafficking. With every Tillage purchase, you are becoming a part of a movement with a portion of every sale going to that fight.

Do you believe?

Do you believe in wearing high quality clothing?

Do you believe that modern day slavery should be obsolete?

Do you believe you can make a difference/leave an imprint?

I do!


The new logo includes an imprint of a leaf, so wherever you see it, and whenever you make a Tillage Clothing purchase, the leaf imprinted on a water drop symbolizes a freedom movement.

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