“Freedom is never free,”

~Maya Angelou


What happens to the darling, beautiful children displaced from their mothers at border lines?


Nothing about this site is meant to be political, but its roots and flow are in humanitarianism, so the question must be asked. We are not the only ones asking. Our distraught faces of the images of these helpless little ones in propaganda media is intolerable to our hearts. And each heart is a life. Each life a story to be told, not an example to be set.


Whatever the end goal may be, the fact remains, children get lost in the shuffle. They are left to the forces of nature, which, tragically, often look like the grips of trafficking. Trafficking, by definition, means the transportation of goods for the purpose of trade.


When children are left parentless, their risk of being treated like “goods” increases exponentially. In the upsetting brokenness of the system, their human rights, dignity, and hope can be robbed and exchanged for unspeakable violence and unjust acts. The physical and especially emotional scars from steal their hope for a dream of a better life. The potential nightmare that could ensue needs to be prevented. No entity ought be the thief of dreams.


Do you feel as though your hands are tied and powerless to makes waves of change? Let that not be your vision. Though the outcome for these innocent lives seems dire, all hope cannot be lost. How can we, as laypeople, make a difference?


Victor Pinchuk prolcaims “Art, freedom, and creativity will change society faster than politics.” So seize your gifts and talents to generate ideas and implement them in your own backyard. Even overcoming the challenge to believe in the greater good creates fertile soil for game-changing ideas and life-changing forces. Ripple effects are real. What can we all do today to transform the conversation to transform the stories outcomes of beautiful children?

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