Goal-setting can be tricky for a naturally creative mind. We can wander in a million different directions, imagining all the different paths we could take to get there. Really what we need is a visual of the beautiful end result to help keep us motivated. 

I started vision boarding several years ago and have gotten a little more strategic with each one as the years go by. Determining categories of goals to set is a great launching pad. Then, begin to envision the most wonderful places you want to end up by the end of December. What are words that help manifest these ideas? What words motivate you to keep moving forward?

Now, for what I think is the fun part... Collect some magazines with themes that align with your categories. Grab some well-working scissors and a glue stick. And start clipping. If you need to take multiple days, a file folder or large zip lock usually helps keeps the mess altogether. If you have more art supplies, adding marker or pastels can be a fun touch.

Take your time with the process. Light a candle. Put on your favorite jams. Prep a tasty beverage, and enjoy. Remember, it doesn't need to be perfect, just well-suited for you.

The image here is just the beginning stages. Pieces will likely get moved around, added and taken away. But once I'm satisfied with the finished project, I'll put it in a prominent spot for me (though likely unnoticeable to most--it's raw and vulnerable, after all), and use it as a visual all year long to help bring to life goals and dreams.

Hope you have fun sitting down in a cozy space, these winter days, creating your first, second, or 10th vision board!

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