This just in from our Cincinnati Local manufacturer. We love partnering with them from product development to sewing our clothing in small batches because they are not only super kind, they pride themselves on running their facilities in a sustainable manner. Read on, and consider supporting their latest endeavor...

"We've located a machine manufacturer who can modify plastic shredding and pressing equipment in order to process fabrics, and he's right here in Ohio too. This equipment will take fabric scrap waste, process it through a shredding machine into smaller pieces and create fabric “fill”, aka shoddy. This scrap will then be used as a green alternative to virgin poly fill stuffing, and other upholstery foam products. This fill can be used as stuffing in all sorts of products such as pillows, benches, and dog beds. It can also be used to create recycled insulation for home improvement projects. In addition to the shredder, we intend to purchase a sheet pressing machine that can turn the processed fabric fill into large 4’x4’ sheets of fiber boards to be used for products such as bulletin boards, and sound proofing boards. 

The Fabric Shredding Program will not only solve Sew Valley's fabric waste problem, it will also act as a resource for individuals/businesses looking for solutions for their waste. With this program, you will be able to drop off your unusable scrap, and/or purchase processed fill for a small fee by the pound!

In order to acquire the equipment, we're submitting a grant proposal to the Hamilton County Recycle & Resource center in the amount of $50,000 to cover machine acquisition, logistics, supplies, and personnel costs necessary to introduce this initiative. This grant requires a 25% match ($12,500) so we're taking this opportunity to launch an online fundraiser in support of the program, and we need your help! 

Please take a look at the fundraiser link for further information. We would be honored if you would consider a donation in support of this program. This initiative has been a long time coming, and we are finally one step closer to achieving our zero waste goals."

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