The Struggle to Rise after a Fall

Do you ever feel melancholy and struggle to get motivated for the day? Is that feeling ever enhanced over the holiday season, just when you think you should be extra productive?

It’s healthy to stay in touch with our moods, how they’re affecting our daily lives and even how they influence those around us. With Tillage serving as a platform to fight human trafficking, we wonder what you want to learn more about the issue? Is it hard to feel connected to an epidemic that seems so extreme? Do you wonder how you could ever relate to a victim?

Perhaps connecting to some of the emotions they feel can add compassion to the hopefully already burning fire in your belly about modern day slavery. That “struggle to get back up again” emotion of defeat aligns with the defeat of a child or adult who, in some way or another, got duped into a dark and dire world of abuse and sees no way out.

 Just as you have hope in the next hour or day, you have the chance to offer hope and a ray of light to the defeated. Tap into that piece of you that struggles from time to time when you consider how you shop, both in the gift-giving and throughout the year. Shop not only mindfully, but with your heart as well.

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