Do you consider yourself a mover and shaker? Do you like to accomplish amazing things, big and small, and use a lot of hustle to do so? We feel you. But when it comes to fashion, watch your speed. Fast fashion may bring you the latest trends at the cheapest price, BUT...
Here's the definition of fast fashion: the business model in which large companies and corporations pump out lower quality clothes rapidly, so business owners can meet their customers desires, while keeping up with the newest trends.
However, other symptoms include:
*often these garments are only worn a few times
*fast=how quickly retailers move designs from the catwalk to stores to keep the pace with demand for more and different styles
*sewers are not getting paid a fair wage and their working conditions are unhealthy
Sourcing fabrics from an ethical company and making our clothing in the USA, we can make regular visits to the manufacturer, with great communication to ensure highest quality and ethics in the production process.
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