From the Founder

A high energy, free-spirited woman, Abby has felt compelled toward a life mission of "setting captives free," for nearly two decades. She's been able to work towards that end entrenched in volunteer work with marginalized humans, from homelessness to trafficking victims. Finally, in 2015, she launched a crowd-funding campaign to fulfill her dream to start her own company that would focus on this same mission and empower her to give back on a much grander scale. She hopes to use her Tillage platform to educate and empower her team to shop consciously and give back generously to the same end.


Our Mission... To lead the movement against human trafficking in the US by creating comfortable, sustainable apparel because consumers deserve to know how their clothes are made and have the opportunity to help set captives free whenever they shop.

Every time you make a Tillage purchase, we give back to organizations directly helping rescue and free trafficked humans.


Problem Solvers... 

There is a growing frustration for shoppers who try to shop comfort without sacrificing style, while having an increased awareness in opportunities to shop ethically. They search unique local boutiques and the internet, but how do they find a label they can trust? And will their pants hold up over time, living their busy, adventurous lives? Furthermore, will they really provide the comfort they long for over the course of a long, stressful day?

 Tillage brings relief to people’s naturally stressful days by providing ultimate comfort, style and versatility in our clothes. We will put their conscience at ease as we break the barrier between the consumer and the captives by giving back a portion of every sale to well-researched organizations on the front lines of fighting human trafficking.

 When you’ve submitted your order with us, you will feel satisfied through and through.

The Tillage Story

Founded in 2015, this company's mission is to connect the socially conscious consumer to clothing that delivers incredible comfort and impeccable style while using the highest quality fabrics. We encourage and empower both ethical and philanthropic shopping. All of our apparel is made in small batches in the U.S.A.  A portion of the company's profit is eagerly given to global organizations that fight on the front lines to end human trafficking.

Please check out our international freedom fighters link to see exactly who you are supporting through each purchase:

The Aruna ProjectAlabaster Jar Project BLOC


Please send us an email if you want to see Tillage Clothing at a shop near you!