People often struggle to believe their worth. It’s one of those funny things that though every individual on this planet has endless value, it’s easier to recognize it in others than in ourselves.

However, the importance of embracing confidence and self-worth is priceless. What does that look like? In short, it means believing you have a lot to offer this world. You have gifts and talents unique to you. When you spread them around, the planet and the people in your path are made better because of you.

If one’s reflection of one’s self is skewed, it is that much easier to fall vulnerable to believing negative voices in their head or become consumed with comparing one’s self with others. The seeking of approval then, may largely come from others. Therefore, if a man with power and money approaches such a vulnerable individual and offers them flattery and gifts, that individual is all the more inclined to accept.

Opening that door to that stranger, with horrible intentions is often how the path to being trafficked begins, regardless of what state or country that person lives. They seem to take the dark and shadowy path that can easily deceive. The vulnerable may fall prey to believing those lies, no matter how far-fetched they may seem.

What talents do you possess? Are you funny, wise, generous, or creative? Are you intelligent, athletic, compassionate, or a visionary? Tap into those, spread them all around, and call out those gifts in those close to you, especially those you sense need a boost, especially our youth.

Let’s encourage each other to steer clear of the shadows and shine brightly.




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Photo by Stephen Leonardi 

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