Running for the freedom of girls in India who desperately need a new day and a fresh lease on life was a no brainer. It was a treat to team up with these three fab ladies for our first Tillage team run!
Arunaproject is all about. They pulled off another incredible event to bring the community together to help end human trafficking with huge hearts and big vision.
" By providing empowerment through employment, the Aruna Project creates lifelong freedom marked by holistic care for victims of human trafficking." They hire talented artisans in Mumbai, India to sew stylish bags and headbands, empowering them as over-comers. You can shop their high quality products at
Thanks so much for enduring the rainy morning to make it possible for all of us to be a part of your mission!
Full disclosure, my former running body doesn't have what it used to, so I knew going in that I'd have to walk at least some of the 5k. I'm still on a learning curve of my body not being as capable as my mind wishes it was. But imagining the names of the humans we were running on behalf of, and all of the adversity they've persevered through helped me push past the back pain and smile through the finish line. The time on the clock was irrelevant when I saw the women in the photo cheering for me on the other side.
Hope to at least double our team size and impact next year!

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