Sorry for the glum face. I spent a lot of time in airports this past weekend due to flight cancellations and delays. While I was waiting and hustling in these hubs, I was impressed by the effort they are making to stop human trafficking.

Did you know the Atlanta airport is the airport in the world?! For as many times as I have flown through and spent time there, I didn't realize just how massive it was. It is busy, even hectic at times. As I raced through my terminal Saturday, I heard over the intercom an announcement about human trafficking. They described its possibility in such a space and encouraged everyone there to look out for suspicious activity as well as a number to call, as simple as 911, to let them know.

Suddenly, my eyes felt sharper and my ears perked up. I also wanted to find the person who implemented that system and call out and thank them. If you're out there, thank you so much for creating a simple, clear way to make a difference. No matter what airport you're traveling through, I encourage you to be a brave freedom fighter. Make the quick call, whether it's 911, or you may find a sign in a bathroom with a number. You could possibly be changing the future of a vulnerable person.

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