At an event last weekend, we shared the story of our Tillage Freedom tee shirts with a customer, whose response was "you are consistent." Her specific compliment meant a lot. Consistency is at the core of our brand, so the fact that someone pointed it out filled us up. 

The message is, Tillage Freedom Tees are not only sustainably made, they are screen-printed in Cincinnati, OH at a production facility that hires survivors of human trafficking along with their other staff. Once these women have invested enough time in a holistic recovery program, they have the opportunity to earn a sustainable wage that will help keep them off the streets and empower them to enjoy a new life set free. 

The community of women working at Refresh Collective is kind and encouraging. Plus, their work is excellent. 

We love the positive feedback we get about the softness of our shirts and the message on the back which reads "cause+comfort and style" around the back neckline. As a brand on a mission to help end human trafficking through education, awareness, and give back, it's exciting to see so many shoppers thinking more mindfully with their purchasing power. 

Want to represent the brand? All of our t's are currently free with a pants purchase using the code "Livefreetee!"

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