CJ was America's first ever millionairess! We love her female entrepreneurship. She saw what we would now refer to as a "gap in the market," for effective hair care products for black women.
In honor of Black History month we want to pay homage to a key player in the tapestry of black history. I just learned about Madam CJ Walker this year, while working in a third-grade classroom. I'm so thankful our youth are becoming better acquainted with and educated about such black, female influencers in society that were sheltered from me when I was a kid.
CJ is America's first-ever millionairess, creating a line of hair care products that worked effectively on the hair and scalps of black women after she suffered from her own hair loss from a scalp disorder. Born in 1867 to former slaves, she was way ahead of her time, but her ambitious tenacity was unstoppable. She went on to be a major philanthropist, donating large sums of money to scholarships.
From going door-to-door to moving to Indianapolis to be closer to the railway system to more effectively distribute her products, to hiring 3000 females to work for her, she was extremely business savvy, and she was her brand.
Your story is an inspiration to us, Madam CJ Walker! Thank you for paving the way.
If you'd rather watch the movie more than read a book to learn more about her amazing life and spirit, try "Self Made." Just keep in mind that a lot of liberties were taken from her original story.

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