Happy Independence Day, friends!!
Freedom and independence are woven into the American lifestyle as those essential attributes were stitched into our flag. With freedom being such an integral part of our brand, we want to highlight its importance today.
It comes in many forms, from the absence of restraint to getting to choose whatever we want. It means being set free from the bonds of slavery both physically and spiritually.
Tillage Clothing's mission is to set free humans from modern-day slavery in the form of human trafficking. Setting captives free has been a call upon my life for over 20 years. If it wasn't for brutal footage I saw of a brothel in India in my 20s, I'm not sure what would have stoked this fire in me.
If it wasn't for the soldiers who fought and died for our country in 1776, would we get to have the opportunity and privilege to live in a free nation?
What aspect of freedom are you most appreciative of today?

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