May is mental health awareness month, which directly relates to human trafficking.
If you're new to following the Tillage journey, part of your purchase gives back to this cause, so we like to spend Tuesday's social media space informing our followers about the cause we care about so much, and that you impact.

The trauma an individual experiences once they have been trafficked is horrific. They can develop anxiety disorder, severe depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

On the flip side, those who have pre-existing mental health conditions can be at higher risk of being trafficked. Among other reasons, "mental illness may limit a person’s ability to consent and assess risk, making them more vulnerable,"

If you have the opportunity to give back to a mental health organization this month, you will be making a huge difference. There are so many choices, but one new organization raising funds to specifically help youth with mental illness is . Head to their site to learn more about their upcoming fundraiser as well.

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