Tillage Talk Tuesday. This week I wanted to highlight a beautiful woman I met through BLOC Ministries, an organization we love giving back to.
Olivia is a creative and talented greeting card maker who spreads joy with the words she writes in her cards as well as having conversations with her.
Here's a splash of her story...
Abby: How did you first get involved with BLOC?
Olivia: "I first found out about BLOC as a young girl. My dad and I attended "father-daughter camps". I also attended the weekly Bible study they hosted at Delhi Middle School. As an adult, I found myself in need of help and that's when I found out about Redeemed Home. They welcomed me ( while I was carrying Silas) with open arms.
Abby: What impact did your experience at the Redeemed Home have on your life?
Olivia: My time as a resident at Redeemed Home was the catalyst for me deepening my relationship with the Lord. They taught me how to love myself again and the importance of female relationships. They gave me many tools on how to thrive in recovery.
Abby: How did having a child impact who you are today?
Olivia: Being a mother brings a different purpose to my life. I'm not only living for myself. Everything I do impacts them. That is scary and awesome and beautiful. I am grateful for the responsibility.
Abby: What got you into creating greeting cards?I
Olivia: I had a pen pal when I was in second grade, I never met her in person , but I always looked forward to sending and receiving mail with her. My mother instilled in me the importance of writing a thank you card. I fell in love with art and all things paper as a teenager and have been making handmade cards ever since.
Abby: What is your favorite aspect of the design process?
Olivia: My favorite part is the design process is two parts. The first part is when I get to sit down with a client and they describe their vision for a project. My second favorite party is always the reveal of the final card/invitation.
Abby: How do you juggle motherhood with working at the Printing Press?
Olivia: Juggling is the best word to use. I am blessed that I can include my children in my work. My daughters have helped with larger printing projects and they enjoy the design process as well. My son is three and that is where the juggling comes in. Thankfully, I'm a night owl so I do my best work after he is sleeping. I wouldn't be nearly as productive or successful if it went for the AMAZING village of support we have!
Abby: Who has served as a mother figure, and what has her greatest impact been on your life been?
Olivia: I am grateful and blessed to say that I have four mother figures in my life! My biological mother, stepmother, mother-in-law, and my life coach. All of these women are incredibly supportive, encouraging and most importantly commit to praying for and with me. Their faith is so beautiful and encouraging.
Abby: If you could describe motherhood in one word, what would it be?
Olivia: Motherhood to me in one word is beautiful.
Abby: If you could offer one nugget of encouragement to other moms out there, what would it be?
Olivia: I encourage all mothers to trust that the Lord knew exactly what he was doing when he chose you to be mommy! You were called to this!! I find so much grace in that on the days when I feel like I'm messing everything up.
It's so good to get to know this strong and humble lady better. Happy Mother's Day, Olivia!

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