We have some very exciting news we are super stoked to share!
We’ve joined @prana’s Responsible Packaging Movement and are committing to eliminate single-use plastic and virgin forest fiber from our packaging, as well as excess packaging waste in our supply chain. To make a greater impact for the good of the planet, we can’t do this alone and believe as a collective we can better foster incredible change industry wide. We’re asking you, fellow brands, and our worldwide community to join us in adopting goals to eliminate excess packaging waste in a responsible, long-lasting way, and #ReshapePackaging together.
Why is this so important to Tillage and me personally? A mountain girl at heart, I fell in love with the ocean while living in the magical beach town of Encinitas, CA for 7.5 years. Beach clean-ups were all the rage, as every form of plastic would be laid waste on the sand while casual picnickers would leave behind straws, plastic bags, bottles, you name it. Not only was this visibly an eye sore from the beauty of the beach and distraction from the shore line and seascape; but before many of these people even left the beach, seagulls would take a quick peck. Before long, all of these remnants were lured into the ocean's tide as the break ebbed back to sea. It's an awful cycle.
Then, in realizing surfing as a favorite pastime, the peace and stoke of dangling my feet into the water off of my surfboard and dropping in on a wave was too often tainted by plastic bumping by over the waves right past me. It was challenging not to imagine the sea creatures that might soon meet their demise while innocently reaching for an afternoon snack of plastic. And that's just the tip of the ice-berg of plastic's implications on our planet. It just happens to be the one most personal to me. 
As a brand for freedom and sustainability, making our already conscious packaging an opportunity to join the #ReshapePackaging movement was a no brainer. 
Thanks for helping make this movement happen @prana  and 5 Gyres

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