Throw Back Thursday #TBT to one week ago when we faced the face of #halfdome at Yosemite National Park​. What a remarkable hike! After the steep, 8-mile ascent in overcast, rainy weather, we reached the cables to climb to the precipice. My friend had said from the beginning, if we feel a drop of rain on the cables, we are turning around.

Sure enough, after mustering up the nerve to try this new challenge, three quarters of the way up, he felt rain. He let me know it was time to turn around and we needed to stick with that commitment. As I looked up, so close to the top after hours of hard hiking, I admit I was a little bummed. However, I knew and trusted his highly skilled judgment call. No regrets.

Fast forward to this week, when the first death since 2010 took place off the cables at Half Dome due to someone sliding off the super slick granite during a thunderstorm. I can imagine the tragedy for those who were with and loved the hiker. My heart goes out.

We are all pushed to take risks, even big ones, either from self or external motivation. Having the courage to know when to say it's time to stop, and the humility to follow through, remain one of my biggest blind spots. I'm ever thankful for growing in that lesson a little bit this past week. And I won't soon forget the recent fallen.

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